Thai Fashions Plastic Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Is Thailand’s leading garment hanger manufacturer. Founded in 1993, we specialize in producing industrial plastic hangers, stoppers and sizers to global garment suppliers. With our technology and experience in the industry of more than two decades, we offer optimal manufacturing efficiencies and price competitiveness. Through stringent quality control, we ensure that we deliver the best quality and reliability. 

Our company is Thailand’s sole licensee of Braiform Co., Ltd.,the global leader in garment hanger supply to retailer industry. Hence, our designs are guaranteed to maximize garment display and withstand the rigors of transit. On top of our full range product line, we also offer customized products to match the ideal hanger for your business because customer satisfaction is our utmost priority..

In 2013 under a joint venture, Thai Fashions Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd., incorporated a plastic manufacturing subsidiary company (TK Chen Fu Co., Ltd.) located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The company produces industrial garment hangers and polyethylene bags to global suppliers. With its strategic location and cost competitive advantage, the company reaches out to global business players more efficiently than ever before.

Annual Sales Volume: 200 million pieces