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  • Delivering plastic hangers to global garment suppliers
  • Guaranteed to maximize garment display
  • Licensee of global garment hanger leader
  • Customized for your business
  • One-stop specialist for your hanging solution

Thai Fashions Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. is Thailand’s authorized licensee of Braiform, the global leader in the supply of garment hangers, packaging and GNFR solutions to the retail industry. Since the conjunction in 2002, our company has been a part of the transformation and growth of today’s Braiform that was born out of Spotless, Braitrim and Plastiform. Braiform supplies more than 2.5 billion hangers and recycles 250 million to global retailers annually. Through years of experience in the plastic industry, our company is devoted to be the one-stop specialist for your hanging solution. 

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